19 Sep

Rental Cars that are Fuel-Efficient

Whenever you choose to buy a car, there a number of things that you should look for, and fuel economy is of utmost importance. Cars that save on fuel are cars that save money. Car rental Toronto has listed a few cars in their list of the most efficient cars in terms of fuel economy.

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Toyota Prius

The tests conducted on this car reveal it being 52mpg; which is an improvement compared to the previous 44mpg cars. This car has always been efficient and had low costs for running.

Hyundai Ioniq

Posing quite the challenge to the Prius, Ioniq has apart from the 52mp, a 1.6 l engine with four cylinders. To add to that it also is paired with electric drive which gives 139hp. There are also versions that are fully electric. Car rental Toronto will provide you with such cars if you need them for hire.

Toyota Prius Prime

This Prius is a plug in one, and it run for 23 miles on electricity alone. The charging process takes up about two hours, but if you use a regular 120 volts connector it might take up to five hours. It has 50 mpg which is lower than the previous two but still it is a decent vehicle.

Toyota Camry

According to car rental Toronto the Camry gets an overall 32mpg, but can provide a lot of power and great performance. It does not have ultra-modern and updated features like Android Auto, unlike the previously mentioned cars, but still is a car that you can rely on.

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Toyota Prius C

This is a cheaper alternative to the Prius, but is nothing like the original Prius. It is not as comfortable as a regular Prius but it has an overall 43 mpg and is extremely frugal. Its size makes it very well suited for driving in the city but this might not be available in the market after this year ends.

Kia Niro

This is a car recommended by car rental Toronto for its seating capacity as well as superb fuel economy. It has a 43 mpg which is lower than the Ioniq and the Toyota Prius but has a power driver seat providing good support. It is however on the slightly pricier side.

Ford Fusion

This car does not have a competitive fuel economy, but has qualities of a sports sedan. This has a four cylinder engine with 1.5 to 2.0 liter turbo. It is a well finished car and has a comfortable leather seating, and has been updated recently.

Hyundai sonata


This is a competitive car, and has been recently updated in this year itself. The rear seats have enough room, and the features are very user friendly. It scores 39 mpg in the test for fuel efficiency and car rental Toronto can provide you with this one if you need it for rental.

So these are top duel efficient cars that are available in the market and also in most leading car rental stores. If you are looking for a fuel economic performance that serves you properly you can opt for any of these and you won’t be disappointed. Catch more info on sports car rental here!