22 Jul

Difference between a Normal Car and Armor Car

Planning to buy a new car? Then one thought might have surpassed your mind at one point of time i.e., whether to go for a normal car or an armored one. Well, both of them serve the purpose of transporting an individual or goods from one location to another; however armored cars come with a slight difference. Basically, armor car being armored can provide protection to the occupants or goods from any kind of grenade or ballistic attack.

Why Armored Cars?

The world is constantly facing various levels of threats from the outside world like the terrorist groups or from the antisocial elements. The people who need to deal with threats are the politicians, government officials, celebrities, and important dignitaries. These people cannot undermine the security measures that need to be undertaken within their daily routine. Hence, in the cardinal interest of the society and their family members, they try to use armored vehicles for their transportation.

Armor car can provide a safe and secured passage to important personals, through high risk zones or from the furious public in times of crisis. It also allows safe transportation of goods or currencies from one place to another. For example, in war hit zones, armored vehicles can be used to transport and supply people with food items. Even the law enforcement officials use an armored vehicle for pulling off any mission successfully.


Armored Cars Are Different from Normal Cars

Well, there is a vast level of difference between a normal and an armored vehicle. Let’s check out the difference.

Raw Materials That Goes Into the Making

Armor car differs vastly from the typical Sedan or the SUVs that are available in the market.

The Body

The body of the armored vehicle differs vastly from the normal car. Basically, the body is hardened to make its resistance power very high. Usually, the whole body of the car is made up of galvanized and stainless steel. In fact, the steel is treated with high heat to increase its power to resist bullet.

  • Ballistic Reinforcements

In order to protect the body of the car from explosions or gun shots, the car is armored. Based on the level of armor density, a highest level of resistance can be provided to the car.


  • Ballistic Glass

The glass that is used in the armored vehicles is slightly different from the ones that are used in normal vehicles. Rather you will see the glass of armored vehicles to be a mix of polycarbonate substrate and leaded glass. They are designed to absorb energy from any kind of ballistic threats.

The Design

When you are talking about design the welding process of an armor car needs to be mentioned. Usually, the ballistic steel is imposed on the vehicles without compromising on the ballistic candor of the vehicle. In fact, the armored vehicles come with bumpers that can get rid of any obstacles on its way. They can even run on flat tires. Well, you will not be able to see these qualities in a normal car.

Unlike a normal car, armored vehicles are strengthened with the highest level of ballistic protection. This ensures the vehicle remains protected and safe under any circumstances. Read about the latest news on armored vehicles here.


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