23 Oct

Regular Servicing Is Required by Auto Repair Toronto for Long Maintenance

Many vehicle owners go with the belief that as they have purchased a brand new car, they don’t need to go for regular servicing or carry out preventive maintenance. If you are among those who have this mind set, it’s time to think over again. Even if you are having a costly car, you will need to take it for scheduled servicing.

Scheduled servicing can help to avoid major issues with the car and ensure you have a smooth and safe ride on the roads. For enjoying a smooth ride, visit an auto repair Toronto shop. The auto repair shops will have with them a team of professionals who will easily take good care of your car.

auto repair

No More Frustrating Experience

There can be nothing more frustrating than experiencing a car breaks down in the middle of a highway. In case you are able to find an auto repair store then it’s well and good.  But if it doesn’t happen this way, remaining stranded across the highway can be very frightening. Hence, this kind of untoward incidents can be easily avoided if one takes their car to a mechanic and get it inspected or serviced on a regular basis.

Importance of Regular Servicing

Although technologies like electronic fuel injection or electronic control units have simplified the servicing process of cars. However, it is still important to go to auto repair Toronto stores for regular servicing and ensuring that it does not carry any risk of breaking down. Nor it should incur expensive repairs from the vehicle owner’s end.

Scheduled servicing can prevent the wear and tear of major car components. Thus, helps to avoid costly replacements. However, the mechanics suggest that scheduled service dates would vary depending on the car manufacturer and also the mileage the car has covered. Usually, the mechanics provide two kinds of servicing. They are:

Interim Serviceauto repair Toronto

In order to ensure that the car is functioning at its peak, there are certain services which are provided by auto repair Toronto mechanics. The services include changing the engine oil, changing the filters or the wheel nut torque. Sometimes the mechanics can also change the tires and check the tire pressure. They can check issues with the brakes and power steering system.

Full Service

The mechanics of an auto repair shops can provide additional services so that the car can remain in a good condition. For example, the mechanics will check the coolant level and keep it filled as per the recommendation of vehicle manufacturer. Similarly the mechanics can check the belts for any kind of leaks.

Reason to Regularly Service Your Car

If you are wondering what’s the need of regular servicing, experts of an auto repair Toronto store will tell you. The reasons are:

  • Increased Vehicle Performance
  • Gaining High Re-sell Value
  • Safety of the Occupants
  • Reducing Roadside Emergencies

Car servicing involves a thorough system and component checks. Thus, in order to keep a car running in a functional condition, you should take your car to a reputed auto repair Toronto shop. The experts will diagnose the car and fix issues easily.

22 Jul

Difference between a Normal Car and Armor Car

Planning to buy a new car? Then one thought might have surpassed your mind at one point of time i.e., whether to go for a normal car or an armored one. Well, both of them serve the purpose of transporting an individual or goods from one location to another; however armored cars come with a slight difference. Basically, armor car being armored can provide protection to the occupants or goods from any kind of grenade or ballistic attack.

Why Armored Cars?

The world is constantly facing various levels of threats from the outside world like the terrorist groups or from the antisocial elements. The people who need to deal with threats are the politicians, government officials, celebrities, and important dignitaries. These people cannot undermine the security measures that need to be undertaken within their daily routine. Hence, in the cardinal interest of the society and their family members, they try to use armored vehicles for their transportation.

Armor car can provide a safe and secured passage to important personals, through high risk zones or from the furious public in times of crisis. It also allows safe transportation of goods or currencies from one place to another. For example, in war hit zones, armored vehicles can be used to transport and supply people with food items. Even the law enforcement officials use an armored vehicle for pulling off any mission successfully.

Armored Cars Are Different from Normal Cars

Well, there is a vast level of difference between a normal and an armored vehicle. Let’s check out the difference.

armor car

Raw Materials That Goes Into the Making

Armor car differs vastly from the typical Sedan or the SUVs that are available in the market.

The Body

The body of the armored vehicle differs vastly from the normal car. Basically, the body is hardened to make its resistance power very high. Usually, the whole body of the car is made up of galvanized and stainless steel. In fact, the steel is treated with high heat to increase its power to resist bullet.

  • Ballistic Reinforcements

In order to protect the body of the car from explosions or gun shots, the car is armored. Based on the level of armor density, a highest level of resistance can be provided to the car.

  • Ballistic Glass

The glass that is used in the armored vehicles is slightly different from the ones that are used in normal vehicles. Rather you will see the glass of armored vehicles to be a mix of polycarbonate substrate and leaded glass. They are designed to absorb energy from any kind of ballistic threats.

The Design

When you are talking about design the welding process of an armor car needs to be mentioned. Usually, the ballistic steel is imposed on the vehicles without compromising on the ballistic candor of the vehicle. In fact, the armored vehicles come with bumpers that can get rid of any obstacles on its way. They can even run on flat tires. Well, you will not be able to see these qualities in a normal car.

Unlike a normal car, armored vehicles are strengthened with the highest level of ballistic protection. This ensures the vehicle remains protected and safe under any circumstances. Read about the latest news on armored vehicles here.

12 Jul

Searching For Towing Service in Calgary

When you drive your car across the highways, there is a chance that your car might break down. Or, you might get involved in a car accident. Whatever may be the situation, you might find yourself stuck in the middle of the situation. In order to handle this kind of situation, you will need to locate a good towing company.

There are many towing service in Calgary who can help you to tow your car from any situation. In order to free yourself from the stress, you will need to find a good towing company who can come to your rescue.

You might feel all towing companies are same. But it is not so. Many towing companies may not be professional in their services. So you need to be careful while selecting a company that is not a scammer. After all, nobody wants to hand over their car to an unprofessional company or a scam who will keep you waiting for the tow truck.

Here, in this blog, you will find some tips that can help you to select a good towing company in Calgary.

towing service in Calgary

Talk To Your Insurance Agent

You can ask your insurance company or agent about good towing service in Calgary who can come to your help. Insurance companies can help you to choose a good towing company. This is because they usually need to deal with towing companies quite often. Therefore, they have a proper knowledge about towing companies who work in your area.

Ask for Referrals

You can also ask for a recommendation from your friends and colleagues. They might have needed the services of a towing company when their car broke down. In fact, valuable input from your friends can help you select a good towing company who won’t charge you much.

Hours, Range, and Response Time

You will need to ensure that the towing company that you want to hire for towing your car is available 24×7. A reputed towing company should be always at your service whenever you need it. In fact, a good company should respond to your call immediately and will also provide you with roadside support.

You will also need to check out the distance the towing company is willing to cover in order to tow the vehicle. A reputed provider of towing service in Calgary will offer towing vehicles from various locations. If a company has only single location then it’s best to avoid them as they won’t be of much help.

Check the Pricing

Before contacting a towing company, you should try to enquire if the towing company is going to charge any upfront cost. Hence, before signing the contract papers, try to ensure the fees are written in the contract.

Licensing and Insurance

Reputed service providers of towing service in Calgary should be properly insured and licensed. It can help clients to receive a good deal of services. Moreover, being insured can help you to remain assured that in case of any damage to your car, the insurance company will take care of it.

The aforementioned tips can help you to select a good towing company. However, you need to offer your best judgment in selecting a company.

09 Mar

Have the Perfect Prom with Your Friends in a Limo Bus

Planning an event can be a pretty difficult, especially if it is your prom night. If you want an enjoyable experience and want to travel to your prom party along with your friends then you can hire a limo bus. This will enable you to have great fun and have the perfect prom with your friends. If you hire a party bus, you will be able to start the prom party even before reaching the destination.

If you want to have a safe and secure ride to the prom then you need to make sure that you hire the best limousine for the prom.

Confirm the Model that You Rented

If you spend a considerable amount of time trying to find out the details about the party bus that you have rented and the service still doesn’t provide you with the model number then you should steer clear of such services. This is because if you aren’t told about the model, you might not be provided with the model that you have requested. If an old model of party bus comes to pick you up for the prom then it might be already too late. It is better not to take a chance and confirm the model of the party bus while booking. You can visit the party bus company to find out the different kinds of model that they offer. You can ask the company for a written contract which will state the price and the model number.

limo bus

Know the Total Cost

After the prom night has ended and you have had your share of fun, you might be handed over a bill which is beyond your imagination. Your friends might not be ready to pay any extra cash. This might lead to a difficult situation. This is the reason you should ask the party bus rental service for the total payment that you will have to make. Hence, you will not be surprised by a huge amount of bill.

Check the Insurance of the Limo Bus

You might have hired a party bus for the prom but you need to check if it has proper license. If the party bus does not have a proper license then the police will stop the bus and pull you out. If the company is registered, you can be sure that the vehicle will be maintained properly. Also, the chauffeurs will be trained properly. Thus, you should ask the rental company for the documents of insurance and certification.

Amenities Offered

The party buses come with various kinds of amenities. If you and your friends want to have a party on wheels then you need if the party bus has all the amenities that you require. Usually, a basic party bus costs less than the one with features. Keep the budget in mind while considering the features you require.

If you a hire a party bus for the prom then it will reduce several security concerns simply by keeping all your friends together. The drivers are professional and you can be sure that they will pick you up and then drop you off on time. Make sure that you book a limo bus in advance since they are in great demand during the prom season.